Managing Time Effectively

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A 3 part course which will give you some insights and tools to help you manage your time more Effectively. 

This course is dynamic and feature-rich including key areas of study including:

Work-type pattern analysis; the identification and cure for procrastination; diary control management and implementation of “Prime Time” prioritising; dealing with interruptions; managing the telephone and email; deadline planning; and delegating effectively using coaching techniques.

Part One:

Looks at why we sometimes seem NOT to manage our time very well. we explore the art of delegation and how to ensure you can implement a process of delegation successfully.

Part Two

Looks at the causes of procrastination and how to master the inner “Instant Gratification Monkey”.

Part Three

Managing Time Effectively

Managing Time Effectively

Explores the various way the day to day activities can be disrupted, from pointless meetings to e-mail overload.

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