The UK College of Personal Development was originally developed as an idea in 2003.  In the beginning, the plan was for a group of like minded people to work together to do something positive with the knowledge and experience they had in developing and delivering high quality training.

This idea grew and in no time at all the College was founded and began delivering workshops in 2005.  The UK College of Personal Development was incorporated as a limited comp

any in 2008. Over the years the college has grown, moving premises 4 or 5 times as it grew and expanded the services it offered. In 2014 we launched UKCPD Online as a response to the changing nature of training and because of customer demand. From the very beginning, the mission statement has remained the same:

“To develop and delver informative, practical and thought provoking high quality training that inspires new thinking and behaviours. To provide a space that gives delegates the opportunity and the resources to reflect on their learning and make it their own, giving them the confidence to practically use their learning, new tools and insights to add value in both their personal and professional lives”. 

From the very start we were clear that we wanted to have our training provision externally validated. So we approached what we believed to be the leading professional and academic awarding bodies and worked with them to gain the appropriate professional memberships and training accreditations.

Currently, the UK College of Personal Development is Accredited Organisational Members of the following Professional Bodies / Accrediting Bodies.

A Centre of Excellence

Unlike many  training organisations, we know from the very start we wanted our own premises where we could build and develop a “centre of excellence” – we did not want to run our training in anonymous hotel conference rooms. We wanted a relaxed space with all the resources and quality refreshments in one place, to support the learning experience and be in a position to offer ongoing CPD and a central point for a library.

Robert Dilts

Robert Dilts

Student Resource Centre and LibraryOur training rooms are comfortable, quality seating and space for break out exercises. We also have our student lounge, a place to relax, reflect and enjoy our quality refreshments that are provided on all our training events.

We have built an impressive student resource centre and library containing 1000’s of books on Personal Development, Coaching, NLP, and Leadership Development. The library also has a good selection of reference material including professional journals, DVD’s and CDs, all available to our students.

A Story of Firsts

Our experience told us that the the NLP tool box was powerful in terms of both coaching and leadership and management development, giving practitioner a much wider range of options when working with either individuals or teams.  We were the very first organisation in the UK to develop the traditional NLP Practitioner training into a more practical and coaching focused programme, developing innovative models and mapping the comprehensive NLP toolbox against popular coaching frameworks.

In addition to the Association For NLP (ANLP) accreditation, we were also the very first organisation to have their NLP Practitioner training accredited by Association For Coaching (AC) and the Institute for Leadership & Management (ILM).

Quality has always been a key factor in how we design and delver our training, whilst other NLP / Coach Training schools have shortened their courses (no doubt for commercial reasons) we passionately believe that the full 20-day training is the optimum length of training for students to develop a full understanding of the theory and practical application of the p

Tony Nutley, Robert Dilts & Pilar Godino

Tony Nutley, Robert Dilts & Pilar Godino

owerful methodologies, tools and applications of NLP and Coaching.

Continuing our commitment to demonstrate how NLP tools and approaches can be successfully integrated to both coaching and leadership, we organised a ground breaking event inviting two leading authorities in the fields of NLP, Leadership Development and Coaching to delver a two day seminar.We have also pioneered the use of technology to further enhance and support our students, so in addition to our comprehensive library we have an online portal where students can log on and watch various videos of training seminars giving additional study material and support to all our students.

On June 22nd & 23rd 2013, Robert Dilts and Pilar Godino delivered an outstanding two day workshop on “Developing World Class Visionary Leaders”.

During this ground breaking workshop Robert and Pilar presented an action packed two days of learning. Over 500 hundred delegates enjoyed the tow day presentation as Robert & Pilar developed the idea of “Visionary Leadership” how this can be achieved successfully and how organisations and teams are motivated by this new leadership approach.

Other key learning’s were around the concept of the “leader as coach” and how this is central to developing success in the modern dynamic and agile workplace.

The feedback from the sessions was fantastic with business leaders, consultants and coaches alike telling us that what they and learnt over the two days had been transformational.

The sessions were recorded, while not full broadcast quality, the information is rich and empowering – available here.

College Membership

Our support does not end when you complete your chosen training programme, once you graduate (a formal occasion – dinner, guest speakers and presentation of certificates etc.) all successful graduates become College Members and then have access to our College Members Area, another online portal with lots of CPD material and offers for all members.

Our Philosophy

We believe that people and organisations can be amazing. The training we design for our corporate clients is always bespoke and delivered with the organisational outcomes in mind.

For our students that enroll on our open programmes, we ensure that studying with UKCPD is an experience that will not only give you career choice; it is likely to be an experience that you will enjoy as no other training event and reflect back on this as a moment in time that you changed, stepped up and moved forward.

Over the years students have enrolled on our courses for many different reasons. Some to start a new career, some to enhance their present career, and some who simply want to find out more about how they and others ‘tick’.

Whatever your reason, our programmes of study can be adapted for your personal and professional goals and ambitions, our dedicated team of tutors and trainers are here to help you be all that you can be. Initially the assessment needs of some our accredited training courses may seem daunting and perhaps even complicated.

However, the team are experienced in explaining and guiding you through any questions you may have about qualification structure. Additionally, the unique way we structure and deliver your training will accelerate your learning and understanding of your chosen subject. We will support you all the way.

“Blimey an NLP training company with high standards, ongoing CPD, accredited programme and sensible size training’s groups, outstanding. I recommend

Nick Kemp

Nick Kemp

UKCPD wholeheartedly.” – Nick Kemp, International Trainer & Creator of Provocative Change Works

You can be confident that the training you will receive is the finest available. Working with our professional accrediting bodies and using feedback from past students we continually develop and improve what we do, delivering the highest standards in all aspects of our training and student support, and we are sure this will become apparent if you choose to study with us.

Our aim is that all our students enjoy their studies with us as much as we do teaching our courses. We believe this attitude enables our students to have the most rewarding learning experience of all, and more importantly, encourages confidence in knowing that when you complete your studies, you will be trained to the highest standards available with the best qualifications in the market place today.

Join us on this journey and let’s see what the next 14 years brings!