The UK College of Personal Development’s Quality Training Recognised By Business Excellence Awards

The UK College of Personal Development is an Award Winning training organisation based in Swindon Wiltshire. 

Acquisition International Magazine asked the Director of Training, Tony Nutley to tell us more about his company and the awards.

The UK College of Personal Development Receives Two Business Excellence Awards

  • Best NLP Training & Coaching Organisation – UK

  • Award for Excellence in Leadership & Management Training – UK

Founded in 2005, the UK College of Personal Development delivering three core service offerings: accredited open programmes, including accredited NLP training (ANLP) and Coach training certifications (AC & ILM) and Leadership & Management programmes (ILM); corporate training course; as well as business performance coaching for middle and executive managers and leaders. Tony outlines the firm’s approach and how it works right from the start to ensure that clients receive the very best service possible.

Award NLP & Coaching

Award Winning Training

“From the very beginning of our process we have the end in mind. All the training services we deliver are bespoke, we spend a considerable amount of time getting to know the client, their business and what key behavioural and performance outcomes they have in mind. We build this information into the training and ensure these key outcomes are the guiding principle throughout the training.

“Personally, it is my belief that that our relentless focus on quality and putting the customer first in all our decisions is what has helped us succeed and achieve this award. This comes right at the beginning as we work closely with clients to understand and achieve their overall aims.”

As a former training manager Tony understands the training and coaching market, and has a number of insights to offer on how the industry is developing currently.

“Currently there are a lot of pressures in the industry, new technology which offers some more flexible options in delivery, but often this opportunity is misunderstood and poorly executed.

Award leadership & managment

Award For Excellence

“Since the economic crash, training and development budgets have been tight, so we have to work with slimmer margins. This has enabled The UK College of Personal Development to think differently and more creativity and forced us to find ways of maintaining quality and ensure clients satisfaction.  I believe that online learning is going to be important, the success of any of these platforms will be determined by the level of focus that is put on the customer.”

Looking to the future, Tony is keen to outline the firm’s exciting plans which will help it to provide clients with the support and services they need in the ever evolving corporate training and coaching market.

“Recently we launched an online Learning Platform a couple of years ago, and have continued to develop this and add more features and student support services. A chance conversation has led us to pilot a version of this for our corporate clients and so fa this has been a success. Developing this into a full-grown product will be one of my outcomes for the rest of 2017.”

About the Business Excellence Awards

The prestigious Business Excellence Awards were first established by Acquisition International Magazine to highlight and celebrate the outstanding performance and results achieved by the leading lights across the corporate world, despite working within increasingly competitive markets.  Laura Hunter, Awards Coordinator commented on how proud she was to chair these prestigious awards: “This awards programme showcases the talent, dedication and sheer drive of business leaders from across both the globe and the corporate landscape. I am truly honoured to be able to highlight their achievements and wish them continued success in the future.”

Acquisition International Magazine prides itself on the validity of its awards and winners. The awards are given solely on merit and are awarded to commend those most deserving for their ingenuity and hard work, distinguishing them from their competitors and proving them worthy of recognition.

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