What are the advantages of Distance Learning?

There are many advantages to Distance Learning, but the main advantages have to be cost and flexibility. With Distance Learning there is no need to attend a classroom environment so there is no waste of time or other resources in transport, commuting to specific location for each class, this is also a great advantage for those with restricted mobility. You can learn at your own pace, so you can get through your course as quickly or slowly as you please, and of course the costs are also a lot less!

Distance learning courses are a convenient, effective, affordable way to add depth and breadth to your CV, and even have some fun along the way!

Why Enrol With UKCPD Online?

  • You can set your own timetable and work at your own pace for most courses
  • Studying in the comfort of your own home is a flexible and low cost alternative to traditional classroom training
  • We all have busy lives, with lots of commitments, this way you can fit your study around your current life schedule
  • No prior qualifications are needed for most courses making them accessible to everyone
  • With UKCPD Online you can spread the cost using an interest-free subscription payment plan ( UK only contact us for details)
  • With UKCPD Online you will have a friendly tutor to access by email or telephone for all courses that lead to a full qualification

Perhaps like many of our students you want to take a course to:

  • Change career that requires a particular qualification
  • Train to a higher level in order to get a promotion
  • Gain more security in your current job
  • Obtain qualifications relevant to further education at University (credits can be taken forward to many degree programmes)
  • Understand a particular subject to a much deeper level
  • Enjoy the thrill of really understanding something new

“We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning.”- Elliott Masie

With the advent of high speed internet access and the development of tablets the drive to build education platforms is well underway.  In fact the UK has been a leader in the development of Distance Learning, as an example take a look and the success of the Open University. It’s an international success and has been the inspiration to many academic and private training institutions to develop their own online options, often refereed to as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and the majority of the large universities and independent colleges etc now have theses in place.

Learning Online Is Easy

Learning Online Is Easy

All the top international universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, MIT and university colleges in Oxford and Cambridge all now offer online courses often partnering with the private sector with the likes of Coursera, the Khan Academy and others.

The evidence is clear that distance learning and the online experience is going to be a major force in both general education and a key provider for personal and professional development training.

For the UK College of Personal Development these developments are an opportunity for us to extend our award winning training services to a truly international market.  Over the last few years we have launched and continue to enhance and add new features to our online platform thereby enabling UK and international students the opportunity  to experience our award winning training including formal academic qualifications and more general training for personal and professional development.

The technical development team are constantly adding new and features to the platform, so be sure to come back again to check out the new developments as they are rolled out and of course new courses are being added all the time.

The college’s focus has always been on the development of the individual, developing and unlocking human potential, and in turn adding to the performance in both personal and professional life,  our expertise and the key focus of our training is in the following areas:

  • Leadership & Management Development: (Bespoke & ILM Training courses)
  • Coaching Training & Certification: (ILM & AC Accredited / Recognised, Practitioner, Master Coach)
  • NLP Training & Certification: (Diploma, Practitioner & Master Practitioner)
  • Personal Development: (various)

The UK College of Personal Development has an “Open College Programme” as well as delivering “in house” training for our list of corporate clients.

The first few Distance Learning programmes we produced and published were an instant success, so we invested in new technology and upgraded the processes and servers used, the plOnline Learning atform was also upgraded and we now have many more training courses and qualifications on offer.

These include:

  • Leadership & Management
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Various Business Training’s
  • Various Personal Development

The UK College of Personal Development works with the leading professional bodies to ensure the highest standards and the best qualifications are provided to our students. We currently are Accredited / Members of the following Professional Bodies / Accrediting Bodies:

We continue to develop a wide mix of quality distance education courses accredited by some of the most respected awarding bodies in the UK and Internationally.

On accredited courses, our students have access to their own personal tutor who is an experienced professional in their field of study. Your dedicated personal tutor is totally committed to helping you succeed and is always on hand to answer any query you may have, no matter how big or small.

With our online learning platform, you not only study what you want, when you want, but can be confident of receiving all the help and support you need as your studies develop. Our online learning system allows students with time or lifestyle constraints to improve their education without having to attend classes at a physical location. We are focused upon allowing our students to study when and where they like by removing fixed timings and duration’s.